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Ram Lal Anand College (Evening)/ Aryabhatta College

About the College
Ram Lal Anand College (Evening) was set up in 1973 when Delhi University took over the functioning of Ram Lal Anand College. The evening college shares the physical infrastructure and facilities of Ram Lal Anand College, the only difference between the colleges being the timings. At present the enrollment of the evening college stands at around 1700 students. The college has now been renamed to Aryabhatta college.

Ram Lal Anand College (Evening)
Benito Juarez Road
New Delhi- 110021
Telephone- 24110490
Fax- 24117284

Courses Offered
B.A. (Programme).
B.A. (Honours) Degree Courses - Economics, English, Hindi, Political Science, Business Economics, Psychology, History.
Commerce - B.Com, B.Com (Honours).
B.Sc. (Honours) Degree Courses - Mathematics, Computer Sciences.

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