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Announcements/ Latest Information
B.A. (Programme)
B.A. (H) App. Psychology
B.A. (H) Arabic
B.A. (H) Bengali
B.A. (H) Economics
B.A. (H) English
B.A. (H) French
B.A. (H) Geography
B.A (H) German
B.A. (H) Hindi
B.A. (H) Hindi Patrakarita
B.A. (H) History
B.A. (H) Italian
B.A. (H) Journalism & Mass Comm.
B.A. (H) Persian.
B.A. (H) Philosophy
B.A. (H) Political Science
B.A. (H) Psychology
B.A. (H) Punjabi
B.A. (H) Sanskrit
B.A. (H) Social Work
B.A. (H) Sociology
B.A. (H) Spanish
B.A. (H) Urdu
B.Com (H)
B.Sc. (H) Anthropology
B.Sc. (H) Biochemistry
B.Sc. (H) Biomedical Sciences
B.Sc. (H) Botany
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry
B.Sc. (H) Geology
B.Sc. (H) Home Science
B.Sc. (H) Mathematics
B.Sc. (H) Microbiology
B.Sc. (H) Physics
B.Sc. (H) Statistics
B.Sc. (H) Zoology
B.Sc. App. Phy. Sci. Analytical Chem. & Bio. Chem.
B.Sc. Applied Life Sciences
B.Sc. App. Physical Sciences (Industrial Chemistry)
B.Sc. (H) Biological Sciences
B.Sc. (G) Mathematical Sciences
B.Sc. Life Sciences
B.Sc. (Pass) Home Science
B.Sc. Physical Sciences(Chemistry)
B.Sc. Physical Sciences(Computer Science)
B.Sc. Physical Sciences(Electronics)
B.Sc. (H) Computer Science
B.Sc. (H) Electronics
B.Sc. (H) Food Technology
B.Sc. (H) Instrumentation
B.Sc. (H) Polymer Science

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