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Zakir Husain Delhi College

About the College
Zakir Husain Delhi College is by far the oldest college in Delhi University and traces its establishment to roughly 1690- 1700 A.D. Its origins lie in a madrassa founded by Ghazuiddin Khan, a commander of emperor Akbar and the father of the first Nizam of Hyderabad. The madrassa functioned in various forms till 1824 when an institution called the "Delhi College" was engrafted onto it by the imperial government. After this development the college starting teaching astronomy and mathematics on European principles in addition to Oriental languages, literature and science. The college soon became a centre of learning, reaching a strength of 460 students in 1845.

The college was plundered by revolutionaries in 1857 and remained closed till 1862. The British Government transferred the staff and library to Lahore in 1877. Fifty years later the government opened the Anglo- Arabic Intermediate College in its place. The new college was affiliated to Delhi University in 1924 and became a constituent college in 1929.

The college was once again destroyed after partition but revived by Dr. Zakir Hussain and others in 1948. The college was taken over by the Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust and given its current name in 1975. It shifted to its current location in 1986. The college today is part of Delhi University's heritage and one of the few colleges to have both Persian and Arabic departments.

Zakir Husain Delhi College
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg
(Opposite Ramlila Ground)
New Delhi- 110002
Telephone- 23232218
Fax- 23232779

Size, Infrastructure, Facilities
Zakir Husain Delhi College is well endowed and has the largest book bank in Delhi University. The library houses 1,15,000 books. The college has more than 125 LAN terminals; a 2 MBps link to Delhi University and 66 flat panel LCD's for teaching purposes. The college auditorium has a seating capacity of 450. This is a full complement of sports facilities and extra- curricular societies. The college gardens are an object of pride having been the recepients of many awards. The total number of faculty members is over 175.

Courses Offered
B.A. (Programme).
B.A. (Honours) Degree Programs - Arabic, Bengali, Economics, English, Hindi, History, Persian, Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit, Urdu, Psychology.
Commerce - B.Com, B.Com (Honours).
B.Sc. (Honours) Degree Programs - Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Electronics.
B.Sc. Degree Courses - Life Sciences, Physical Sciences.

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